Aaron Weber

OF COURSE AARON WEBER WOULD GROW UP TO BE A PRODUCER. He might not have known it back then, but he started his training at an early age. While the other kids in his neighborhood were busy trading baseball cards, for instance, Aaron was eagerly collecting business cards. Yes, you read that right: business cards. Who does that? He was networking before he even knew what networking was. And his years in the Boy Scouts surely helped sharpen his skill set as well. En route to earning Eagle Scout honors and the distinction of Troop Leader, he learned the kind of ingenuity and resourcefulness necessary to excel in production. Still, he didn’t realize where his childhood passions were leading. Not yet, anyway.

In 2000, Aaron enrolled in the School of Visual Arts to pursue a career in VFX. But it didn’t take him long to realize that a) he was far too social to sit in the dark in front of a computer all day, and b) he preferred taking a project from concept to delivery, rather than focusing on just one aspect. Sure, he could master VFX, but he enjoyed the bigger picture. It wasn’t until producing his award-winning thesis project, “Wander,” that Aaron gained confidence that he had the right stuff to excel at producing. Shortly thereafter, he founded Wander.

The company made a huge splash in 2012 with the viral success of “Follow the Frog” for the Rainforest Alliance, and ever since, Wander has been in high demand. Aaron has produced successful spots for clients like OxFam, The American Museum of Natural History, LinkedIn and Apple, in places like Uganda, India, Tanzania, Nicaragua and Japan. And in case you’re wondering, yes, he loves his job.

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